Hello, I’m David from Byron Bay, your Independent Candidate for the Federal Seat of Richmond.

I absolutely love our wonderful part of the world and am deeply concerned about the state of our nation, so have committed myself to serve our community in these troubled times.

We are facing major challenges, with so much in transition. I will work in the best interests of our communities to lead the way in creating the future we want to see, for our children, for our small businesses, for our farmers and for our elderly. I know that we must stand together now with strong, calm leadership. This is the time.

To take on this new challenge, I have put aside my career as an internationally recognised multi award winning wild life film maker. This was a big decision for me, but I could not standby and watch our community suffer without taking action.

I have a broad experience and understanding in many fields.


David’s Experience

  • Environmental: Working as a wildlife and environmental film maker worldwide, I became aware of the massive impacts on our environment, including marine life, forest degradation, pollution and plantation issues so I have made films about this which have been used in campaigns to save our environment, and I am passionate about continuing to address these issues on behalf of our community. Previous to my filming career, I was a professional Abalone diver for many years in NSW and Tasmania. In this role I faced many dangers and developed a strong sense of self reliance.
  • Tourism: I also branched out into tourism owning three scuba diving centres catering to tourists from all over the world, so have firsthand experience running a small business and understand the tourism needs of our region.
  • Agriculture: As a young man, I worked on a sheep and wheat property in the Riverina region of NSW, so I’m fully aware of just how hard our farmers work, and some of the challenges faced by the agricultural industry.
  • Property: Moving to Byron Bay 22 years, I became a property owner in the Byron industrial area, and my current tenants are very dear to me so we are working together to get through these difficult times. I have experienced first hand the affordable housing crisis affecting our communities.
  • Aged Care: I became a carer for both of my elderly parents, needing to deal with disability and dementia, the reality of which is very tough indeed. I navigated the aged care system when the time came for them to go into an Aged Care facility, so I am familiar with the issues around ageing, and will always work to make sure our elderly are secure and well cared for.
  • Youth: I have always taken a keen interest in helping young people realise their dreams, mentoring brilliant and passionate young people both locally and from as far away as the UK and Europe, and will be creating a youth advisory committee so that the young people have a voice as we navigated these challenging times.
  • Arts: I was one of the founders of the Byron Bay Film Festival and have held premieres of my films at the Byron Bay Community Centre. I have also filmed many performances by the Byron Ballet and am very supportive of the arts.
  • Police Liaison: In response to the growing unrest in our community around the increasing loss of freedoms and harsh restrictions due to Covid concerns, I created a Community Liaison with our local police. This has grown into a very positive and respectful relationship that focuses on keeping our community safe while still fostering freedom of expression especially at the many rallies now occurring in our region
  • Aboriginal Understanding: Spending so much time in nature I became very aware of the First People’s connection to country. I really see and honour their custodianship of the land and feel their wisdom has much to offer in a world that has to rediscover its values.

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